Lisa’s Corner

Anyone who has gone through infertility knows there are two sides to every story.  Although the woman’s point of view on all things related to infertility has been written about extensively, what I haven’t seen is a back-and-forth about topics that I blog about from my perspective, with Lisa’s opinions or perspective being provided at the same time.

We found this worked well in our couples support groups, and showed how easily misunderstandings and confusion can come from how different men and women approach fertility related topics.

Being a stay-at-home mom and parent after infertility has also produced a lot of similar experiences to when we were going through infertility.  Questions like “so you only had one?” often illicit the same initial hostility we felt when people asked “so when are you going to have kids?” when we were trying for just a positive pregnancy test.

Lisa has a gift for getting to the heart of an issue, and I’m hoping her feedback will give women extra insight into what it took to get her soul baby after six grueling years of fertility treatment.

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