Monthly Archives: May 2013

Youre Not a Nice Man!

Watching Elli jump into the pool today brought back memories of one of those ‘do what’s best for your child even if she hates you for it’ moments. She was about 3 years old and we had just moved into a new built house with a pool. Everything was a crisis around the pool. Elli… Continue Reading

Fear Of Loss Or Vision of Gain

I had never heard this expression before today. I was on a motivational website and it talked about how easy it is to begin to play it safe when you’re getting close to realizing something you really want. The example I was reading revolved around a guy who was on a final interview for a… Continue Reading

She Won’t Need Me Like This For Long

Today our formerly frozen embryo graduated from 4th grade. I can’t believe she is actually in the double digits.  It seems like yesterday she was birth day minus 8/12 months (you know the beta confirmation date 2 weeks after your transfer but technically 6 weeks after a normal  conception would have been calculated from, or… Continue Reading

When You Know…YOU KNOW

We had our second support group meeting tonight, and I found  myself inspired by the resolute courage I saw in the faces of the group. Sometimes you just KNOW what you have to do. It’s the doing part that sometimes lacks follow through. Lisa KNEW we would need to go to IVF the first time… Continue Reading